Sunday, August 21, 2005

Blog Bulletin: Upcoming Features

I have attracted a small, yet loyal group of readers to this blog. I have also been fortunate enough to find a few other writers for this blog: Antheia, whose fine work you've already gotten a glimpse of and now Libby, who also has a blog on Autism and Parenting, called Through the Window.

So, I have decided to take advantage of these new writers to give a bit of predictability and structure to the blogs coming from me, Aspazia. Here is what I have come up with so far:

  • Melancholy Mondays : Let's face it, monday's are hell. So, I will devote my monday blog entries to matters that make me a tad melancholy and to sharing with you, my loyal band or readers, excerpts from the history of melancholy (such as "Hildegard's Spin on the Noonday Demon.")
  • Notes from the Prozac Nation:This blog column will appear on Fridays, which will be my research days this semester. Here I will give a blog and news round up on articles of interest on psychopharmacology, pharmaceutical companies, depression and gender.
  • Saturday Mornings with Uncle Ben:Every saturday (around morning time) I will let you relay to you my conversations with Uncle Ben or perhaps other encounters with conservatives in small town life. (Hopefully Uncle Ben will make guest appearances too!)
In the meantime, let me thank all of you for your comments either in the blog or the emails you've sent that keep me going. I love hearing from you and continuing to build this blog community. Keep on posting!

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