Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Bipartisan Blonde: Group Storywriting!

Aspazia discovered that the same rules apply to love and politics.
First: Know your opposition.

Aspazia Feminista, blond, beautiful and entirely bedazzled, got out of Blane Winter's sedan and stood smiling with unbidden adoration at the big man inside the car.

"See you tonight? About seven?" Blane asked.

His velvet baritone had the same enthralling effect on Rosalie (aka Aspazia) that it had on political audiences, and her cheeks bloomed pink. "That's right, Mr. Winters."

"Call me Blane."

Dazed with bliss, she turned around and ran into a rosebush. Then, weaving slightly, she went slowly up the driveway. She couldn't get over it that she, a mere kid of 35, a philosopher who still had trouble remembering the difference between modus ponens and modus tollens, could have attracted this handsome attorney, a dozen years older than she was, Republican candidate for state assembly and her political opposition for the past year.

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