Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sizing Up the Wives

I got to spend an hour or so with two newspapers today at the local coffeeshop while Maddie slept. The front page of the WaPo leads with a story about Jeri Thompson, who she is, how she met Fred, and how she got her start in Republican politics. The story is slightly critical of her past--unpaid fines, lack of direction, nepotism, etc--anticipating how the "values" voter crowd is going to like her as a possible first lady. I then switched to the NYTimes, which focused more on Judith Guiliani. Here we have a love affair that started as an affair affair. Mrs. Guiliani has been married more than once (oh, the horror!) and loves to shop. How will Judith appeal to the same "values" voters.

I have to admit that I take some pleasure in these unfortunate pieces on the political wives of the Republican front runners. While the Judith might want to style herself on Laura Bush, I don't see. I also don't see either of these women upholding the high moral ground of the holy rollers, who like to see their women silent, submissive, and spotless.

I just don't see how a Republican can get elected President in '08. Rove's strategy to court the evangelical and social conservative "values" voters will not serve a moderate like Giuliani well, nor will Jeri Thompson inspire wifely duty needed to shore up the bible thumpers vote for her husband Fred. Link