Monday, April 09, 2007

Official Announcement: This Feminista is Pregnant

Many of the people that know me in 'real life' are quite aware that I am pregnant. I am already in my 6th month and am due sometime in mid-July. I wanted to finally unveil this news to my readers who don't know me in the 'flesh.' I am starting to grow very excited about the new addition to our life. Za already has wonderful children from his previous marriage and we look forward to introducing them to their new sister. We found out that we will be having a girl (unless the ultrasound was wrong?), which has delighted me and Za (since he has boys and was very concerned that they do not feel any sort of 'competition' for his affections).

Today I go for my third ultra sound, which the physician ordered because of my age (36). I am by far the most nervous I have been in my pregnancy so any good thoughts would be appreciated. My recent viral illness took a toll on me as well. I kept worrying what sort of potential threat my illness was to my tiny girl. But, the ER doc assured me that the fetus sort of wins the competition for resources (which I find to be a very, very interesting metaphor for the identity of the pregnant woman).

I have been reflecting a lot on how being pregnant has totally altered my relationship to my body. And, what I am striving to do is not become obsessively guilt ridden about everything that can potentially go wrong. I imagine that there will be plenty of guilt ahead, right?

In any case, it seemed the right time to make this news public to the blogosphere. I may start referring more to this reality in the future since it is clearly becoming a huge part of my identity.