Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Right Wing Attack on Academia Comes to Gettysburg

Our esteemed Rhodes scholar forwarded me this "news" piece claiming that a course that I teach, Contemporary Moral Issues, is among the most "dangerous college courses." I wonder where this jack ass gets his information since he refers to it as "Psychology" course. But, let's take a look at his text:

College Courses

By Jason Rantz

With the war on terrorism intensifying, and the fact we will be at war for decades to come, it has never been more important that our nation's students truly understand what is at stake. Unfortunately, you cannot count on our nation's colleges to embolden our students to fight our enemy; instead, they are either teaching students that we are the enemy or that we are not using the right methods to fight terrorism. Indeed, some professors teach their students that we can reason with terrorists by writing them an angry letter, not blowing them to Kingdom Come.

The following courses are some of the nation's worst. They represent courses that have an agenda far beyond simply teaching students how to function and excel in the real world, but indoctrinate students into working against our Nation's interests.

Gettysburg College – "Contemporary Moral Issues"

Under the guise of a psychology course, Gettysburg Colleges questions the "defensible use of violence, limits of freedom, extent of our obligations to others and to nature, rightful state authority, and the nature of duties and obligations." Something tells me they wonder if it is defensible to attack those who wish to see this country be wiped from the face of the Earth.

Good lord! Where do these people come from? Can you believe that there is a Philosophy course on college campuses that actually discusses "defensible use of violence, limits of freedom, rightful state authority, and the nature of duties and obligations toward others?" Parents! Lock your children up! It's just not safe to send them to school anymore.