Thursday, May 19, 2005

Spring Mix w/Carrot

A lovely writer that I know sent me a link to her blog.
She inspired me to do what I have been threatening to do for a long time: start my own. However, if you just clicked onto her blog, I better warn you that in no way will I be as poetic as Ali. I am trained as a philosopher, which means I tend to write about abstract stuff. But, I am bravely moving ahead with this project.

I am happy to report another beautiful day in Gettysburg. I was inspired to put on my new lime sweater with matching sandals. It cracks me up that I have become this girl who wants to coordinate my top and bottom! But, I chose an outfit that SHOUTED OUT spring.

I killed my budding herbs; I foolishly planted them into the ground while the weather is still fluctuating. When I went to check on them this morning, they had wilted. Hmm, maybe the hot sun did that? Gardening is absolutely a challenge for me, but I am not giving up. Oh, and I am starting to obsess about my lawn. Ok, its official, I have become a typical homeowner.

When I was a struggling graduate student--alienated and anxious--I never thought I would end up in Gettysburg, PA as a homeowner. So what do I worry about now? The lawn! What did I worry about then? The ontological difference (not Heidegger's mind you, but Irigaray's notion of sexual difference).

So here I am instead, wearing lime green, and listening to the "Spring Mix w/Carrot" that Jackie burned for me.