Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Reasons to Give Thanks

By Antheia

Last year for Thanksgiving I posted a list of the "little things" that I was thankful for. I wanted to post it again, with a few additions, and hope that all of you readers will add some of your own in the comments section. At a time when simple pleasures seem so much greater, I wanted to share with you my reasons for giving thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.

Starbucks' Vanilla Lattes
Lavender bubble bath
A spa day
Pinot Noir
Gerber daisies
Crocheted scarves
Godiva truffles
Tae Bo
Grown children, home from college, sleeping in their old rooms
Dora the Explorer (because it’s all that my patients want to watch!)
Flannel sheets
The smell of a wood burning stove
Knee high leather boots
Calling out of work for a "mental health day"
Philadelphia Story, Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany's
Compliments from strangers
The snooze button on the alarm
Steven Colbert and John Stewart
Hot stone massages (or ANY massage!)
College sweatshirts
Ear muffs
Music boxes
Pretty Woman being played every weekend on TNT
The smell of snow
Perfectly manicured English gardens
Dive bars that somehow suit you better than the more trendy hangouts
Broken in blue jeans
The arrival gate at JFK
"Tuesdays With Morrie"
"End of chemo" parties
Riding rollercoasters (with no lines!)
The "to be or not to be" sililoquy
Stain stick
Trader Joe’s
Remembering dreams
The George Forman grill
Nick at Night reruns
That sweet smell of newborn babies
Rereading old journals
Christmas lights
Ben and Jerry's Phish Food
Runner's high
English bulldogs
Defense Vitamin Water
Sales at Anthropologie
Swing dancing
Carriage rides in Central Park
Maybeline "Great Lash" Mascara
Post it notes
Peppermint patties
Yankee candles
New England clam chowder
The beach in the winter
My amazing little patients
Another day to say 'Amen'