Saturday, February 25, 2006

Random Reads

Some random posts for your reading enjoyment.

When Rape is a Gift found via I Blame the Patriarchy
Here’s a taste:

How she feels beforehand depends upon the individual circumstances, but she may well feel fear – and she may well want to feel fear. Her heart may be thumping, her adrenalin pumping, her mouth dry, her palms sweaty: an exhilarating sort of fear, not the fear of a victim. She may be experiencing the most intense desire to be taken she has ever felt: a desire made only more intense the more strongly she resists and fights.

Jedmunds at Pandagon writes Abortion for Dummies.

I agree with Shakes!!!!!!!!

New Civil War: South Dakota Bans Abortion via Culturekitchen

Definition teases apart gender roles vs. sex vs. gender identity vs. sexuality.

“You know how when a teenage girl isn’t a virgin, it means she’s a dirty slut”

Finally, from Den of the Biting Beaver “Fighting Sexism is a Man’s Obligation”

Why is this a special obligation for men? Well, there are a few reasons:
We are, generally speaking, physically safe.
We are, generally speaking, less likely to spark an escalation of the confrontation with our comments.
We are more likely to be taken seriously.