Thursday, October 27, 2005

Escaping the Beauty Myth

Stumbled across an interesting article today by An Nguyen entitled "Escaping the Beauty Myth: Reflections of a Woman Scorned" here's a snippet, but read the whole thing here.

Literature, mythology and history are filled with thearchetype of the beautiful enigmatic female. Gatsby’sDaisy. Paris’ Helen. Romeo’s Juliet. Dante’s Beatrice. Napoleon’s Josephine. The singular commonality between all of these women is their ability to inspire the hero to action, whether it be positive or negative. The women, however, are static with no kinetic energy of their own. They simply are. I hesitate to call them heroines because Ido not regard mere “being” as an act of heroism. Perhaps, I respond from a place of jealousy as I sympathize with the antithesis to the enigmatic beauty—the woman scorned. Unlike the enigmatic beauty, the woman scorned (e.g.,Medea, Ophelia, Hester Prynne…) loves too much, dares too much, acts too much. She is rejected by the hero perhaps because her overflowing charisma or passionate kinetics overshadows the hero. Perhaps, the hero fears that fidelity to such a woman will, ultimately, burn his candle at both ends, leaving him not a hero but rather a mere man— an equal partner.